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What’s on this blog?

August 19, 2014

There are over two thousand posts on my blog now (as of October 2020). This means that there is a whole lot of Tarot content for you, my readers, but the problem is that with so much content, some of the best stuff may be hard to find. So I thought I’d do you all a favor and mention some of the highlights here, along with links to find them.

Card meanings:
Want to learn more about Tarot card meanings? Here’s a list of links to articles about card meanings for all 78 cards:
* Pithy card meanings:
* Spiritual meanings for cards:
* “The other side of the cards,” i.e., positive aspects of “negative” cards and vice versa:
* I have created a series of posts called “Conversational Tarot” wherein the cards ask the questions and we discuss the answers. See:

Other ways to use the cards:
Just a couple days ago I posted an article that listed and linked to blog posts that describe novel methods of using the cards, i.e., ways to use the cards beyond the traditional way of doing readings. See it here:

Sample readings:
There is a list of links to sample readings, most of which were for readers of this blog who requested an ‘Ask KnightHawk reading’ a few years ago when I was offering them.  By the way, there are many sample readings in my books Tarot Reading Explained and Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole Story.
I have also created a series of blog posts that demonstrate how to read a three card “story spread” (a Tarot Triptych) through sample interpretations of such spreads.

Deck Creator Forum:
I occasionally do deck reviews on this blog, but then I had this great idea – a new recurring feature called “The Deck Creator Forum.” For those articles, I asked various deck creators to say a few words (paragraphs, actually) about their Tarot deck in answer to a series of questions — people like Robert Place, Lon Milo DuQuette, Joanna Powell Colbert, and Julie Cuccia-Watts (to name but a few).You can find links to them here:

Want to find out about some interesting spreads? You can find a list of posts about them here:
PS: You can also find out about my book about Tarot Spreads here:

Books and a deck:
My Tarot books will help you expand your Tarot skills, and my deck (Tarot of the Masters) is a great deck with which to do readings. Find out about them here:

You can find out about my Tarot services here:

Book reviews:
I have posted a few Tarot book reviews that you can find here:

Deck reviews:
I have posted a few Tarot deck reviews that you can find here:

More Tarot Articles:
And if all that’s not enough, you can find a variety of other Tarot articles using the drop-down menu from the “Tarot Articles” tab at the top of this page.

Enjoy, and happy Tarot journeys to you all.






One Comment
  1. Thanks so much for this and congratulations James! As a tarot and blogging newbie I’m completely astonished by the sheer number of posts and all the info you’ve got here!

    Keep it going!

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