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Pithy Tarot meanings — Ace of Wands

August 26, 2014

Ace of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersAce of Wands:
“Only light can cast out darkness.”
This is a paraphrase of a famous quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. which I have associated with the Ace of Cups, and last week I noted it again in a comparison of these two Aces.

There are many ways to interpret this saying. In the case of the full MLK quote, it is about love conquering hate, but we might also see this as enlightenment overcoming confusion and ignorance. In addition, this adage may say that if you’re in a situation where there is a lot of nastiness, being nasty yourself will not help; you need to bring kindness into the picture. Similarly, we should bring cheerfulness into a gloomy situation, etcetera. In other words, wherever there is darkness, the only way to improve the situation is to bring in light.

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