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Turn house cleaning into a spiritual process!

October 7, 2014

I recently read an article titled Clean Your House Your Mind Will Follow, which talks about how we can take the very mundane process of housecleaning into a sacred realm. (My favorite note in it is this: As you clean house, remind yourself to focus your attention not just on the dirt you are cleaning but on the beauty you are creating.)

As I often do, I associated my thoughts about the article with various Tarot cards. (This time I used a series of cards from the suit of Pentacles.) This practice of finding Tarot associations is a valuable one that both expands our understanding of the cards and encourages us to think about life in general. (See, for example, my Tarot associations with the various statements in the Desiderata and the associations I made while reading the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.)

Here are the cards that came to my mind as I read this article on the mundane, yet spiritual practice of housecleaning:

Pentacles Four and Five png

The Five of Pentacles can indicate the need for de-cluttering and house cleaning. (The illustration on my Tarot of the Masters version vividly implies this.) Perhaps sometimes the poverty we experience comes from the blockage of the flow of wealth which clutter and debris in our homes and lives creates. And sometimes that clutter is a manifestation of our poverty consciousness, which keeps us from attaining abundance, since hoarding things (which the Four of Pentacles can indicate) can result from our fear of not having what we need.

The next few cards can suggest some strategies for cleaning and de-cluttering.

Pentacles Six thru Nine png

The Six of Pentacles tells us to give some of our stuff away, perhaps to a thrift store. Much of it is just collecting dust and getting in the way, and there are people out there who could make good use of it. (As an aside, do you know about the Freecycle website? It’s great for this!) To do this effectively, the Seven of Pentacles is a reminder that every now and then, we need to evaluate which things in our homes (or in our lives) are really important and which are not. And then the Eight of Pentacles illustrates the process of cleaning and de-cluttering: we do it bit by bit. Clearing out our closets, for example, might seem a daunting task, but no task is too big if we break it up into smaller bits. Finally, the Nine of Pentacles provides advice for the process—focus your attention on the beauty you are creating—and illustrates the result, which is a more beautiful home now that it is clean and de-cluttered.

  1. I read something along these lines about meditating while doing dishes….finding the spiritual in the mundane aspects of life….love, love, love how you used Tarot to add insight to declutter! I’m going to use your insight and go one step further and try to declutter my brain too!

  2. Certain simple and satisfying tasks can have a rather Zen effect on the mind.
    Well observed, James.

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