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Pithy Tarot meanings — Two of Pentacles

October 28, 2014

Two of Coins (Pentacles) -- Tarot of the MastersTwo of Pentacles:
Act happy!

A way to become a happier person is to act like it. Even if you think, “Oh, this is so artificial,” do it anyway: Act like you’re happy. For example, when you’re cooking dinner, put on some upbeat music and dance around the kitchen. Whatever you think is an act of a happy person, do it.

We all know that how we feel affects the way we act, but what we don’t know is that this works in the other direction as well, which is a pretty profound realization. In fact, studies have shown that just putting a smile on your face will change your brain activity because it thinks that since you’re smiling, you must be happy! So at the very least, do that: Smile. And if you can do something more (like dancing in the kitchen), do that too. This simple message can change your life, and there’s a great side effect too: it will also make the people around you happier.

PS: This extremely pithy message is one that encapsulates several other pithy (but somewhat longer) meanings for this card. See also:

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  1. This is something I was taught a long time ago – “If you want to be happy, start by being happy.” When you’re in the depths of despair, or even just a blue funk, it is hard to find the will to do this, but it does work. I promise. In a way, this harks back to your recent World ‘pithy’ about being in the world but not of it. We can be in darkness but we are not darkness. We are light.

    • I agree. And I like your “in darkness but not darkness” paraphrase. Thanks! I might just use that as a pithy Moon card meaning if you don’t mind, OK?

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