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Seven of Swords: the problem of fakes and frauds

November 24, 2014

Seven of SwordsHere is a pithy meaning for the Seven of Swords:
“The fakes undermine the value of the real.”

This quote is from The Man in the High Tower by Philip K. Dick. It is in reference to the deflating effect of fakes on the value of legitimate collectibles (coins, stamps, artwork, etc.) and to their deleterious effect on the relevant collectibles market in general. However, it is equally true in other areas as well, including the market for Tarot readings, so I thought I’d expand on this pithy Tarot meaning with a bit of a rant.

There are many fraudulent Tarot readers out there. Here in Los Angeles, there are many storefront readers that charge a pittance for a reading (often, a mere $10), but those offers are primarily just a way to pull in customers. Those customers are then sold things like grossly overpriced candles, and if they are deemed susceptible, they may also get hit with “I see you have a curse on you, but I can remove it for $1,000.” Seriously. I have heard this sad story quite often! One friend was wise enough to roll her eyes and walk away, but another took it to heart. He did not pay the exorbitant price being asked (mainly because he didn’t have the money), but he did carry around the fear that was implanted by the experience until he talked to me about it.

Besides the damage that these fraudulent practices can have on the customers who encounter them, they also plant seeds of distrust and contempt for Tarot readers among the general populace, and they make many of the people who are interested in getting a Tarot reading think that readings should be cheap. This undermines the business of honest Tarot readers like myself, and it unfairly tarnishes our integrity. (This is one reason that I have posted a code of ethics on my website.)

So that’s my rant about fraudulent readers, but there is a broader message here too:

Cheating, dishonesty, and a lack of integrity — these things all have negative consequences far beyond what people imagine, mainly because people don’t want to think of such negative consequences when their income is in question.

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