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World Spirit Tarot

January 4, 2015

World Spirit TarotI recently found out that Llewellyn has let one of my favorite decks, The World Spirit Tarot, go Out of Print (OOP). Fortunately, though, the artist, Lauren O’Leary, has launched a fundraiser to bring it back into print. If you’re interested in that effort, see: Hopefully, for the sake of anyone wanting to get this deck, this project will succeed since copies of this deck are priced very high now that it is so rare. (See this deck’s page on Amazon to see how high a price people are now asking for it.)  In the meantime, if you’re interested in finding out more about this deck, see my review of it.

PS: Here’s an interesting bit of synchronicity about this deck. I am currently working on a new edition of my book “Tarot: Get the Whole Story” which uses one of the cards from the WST. So I’ve been thinking that I needed to find Lauren O’Leary and ask her if I have permission to use that image. A few days ago I did a search on Facebook to find her … a mere seven hours after she posted a status noting her funding effort for this reprint on Indiegogo!

  1. Joan Flynn permalink

    I’ve owned this magical deck for years and studied it on a daily basis for over one year. I have been inspired to pull out my World Spirit again and now I must after reading your post, James. Thank you.

  2. chloetarot permalink

    Love this deck – so beautiful, warm and multi-cultural. Sorry to hear it’s going oop, and glad I have a copy 🙂

    • Chloe, Actually it’s already OOP, but the artist is working to bring it back with an indigogo campaign.

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