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Pithy Tarot meanings — Ten of Swords

January 5, 2015

Ten of Swords -- Tarot of the MastersTen of Swords:
Information overload can kill your ability to understand anything.

This seemingly paradoxical pithy meaning was inspired by this video: (Watch it to see why this statement is not such a paradox after all.)

The important point is that we are constantly having our attention distracted and divided. (This happens all the time to most of us with the information bombardment of the Internet.) Consequently, we don’t get enough (or any) contemplative or meditative time to consolidate the information we glean from the world around us in order to convert it into understanding and wisdom. Ten of Swords in a post modern age

Also, it’s important to note that it is the high volume of extraneous (and often trivial) data with which we are being bombarded that is the problem, not the salient, thoughtful information that could be useful, but which is all too often obscured or left unsaid. The prime example today is the Internet, which could have been a wonderful gift to humanity in its ability to provide useful information to everyone. Unfortunately, that useful information has become something of a proverbial needle in a haystack of trivial news items and (worse yet) gross misinformation. (See, for example, the trivial news headlines on and elsewhere.)

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  1. Rogério Vieira permalink

    I do agree with the meaning you found for Ten of Swords. And the video is very good. Intelligent and clear.

  2. I often think back to the late 1990s and the promise of the Internet, the promise of communication and working together. After running into generally nasty folk, reading terrible abuse by trolls on newsgroups, and seeing people wasting time and never saying anything, never reaching for a deeper thought, on tarot forums, it lost its shine.

    I still think we could have done great things as humans had we the ability to grasp the promise of the gift. We treat it like junk, our minds are becoming junky.

    As you say James…

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