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Pithy Tarot meanings — Eight of Wands

February 11, 2015

Eight of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersEight of Wands:
Is this really an emergency, or do you have a false sense of urgency.
(You may feel that this reflects this card when it is reversed.)

I recently read an article about how many of us have developed a false sense of urgency about things in our lives. It talks about the little spurts of adrenaline rush (which is an addictive reward) that we get when we do things like make quick replies to text messages and how that gives us the illusion of power. But often it’s more important to respond well than to respond quickly, and usually our responses are better then too. In support of this, the author of this article notes that a benefit of taking this advice was that “I stuck my foot in it a lot less. I made less mistakes. And I was happier.” And so this article suggested to me that pithy meaning for the Eight of Wands that you see above, and I also saw in it a lengthier discussion of what that card might mean. See: Are You An Adrenaline Addict? by By Kelly Wendorf

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