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“Brilliant Sanity” Spread

April 5, 2015

I will be conducting a two-class webinar about how to create spreads (called Millions of Tarot Spreads) on two Tuesdays — April 7 and 14, 2015. (A recorded version of the webinar will also be available.) One technique that I will be presenting is to create a spread starting with a bit of wisdom (amazingly, we can find wisdom in many places, even some that are pretty surprising!), and here is an example of that.

I recently started reading a book called What Really Helps by Karen Kissel Wegela.  (By the way, so far it seems like a great book if you’re in a helping profession, which to my mind includes Tarot reading.) There is a great deal of wisdom in it, but it is beyond the scope of this blog post to get into details. However, here is a quote from it that (based also on the rest of the content of the chapter in which I found it) inspired me to create a spread:

When we can bring openness, clarity, and compassion to our experience … then we are tapping into our basic brilliant sanity.

So, since this book is about “what really helps” we can use the elements of this quote to inspire the following spread for helping other people.

Spiritual Lesson spread 2 all clear

Card 1:  (Openness)  How can you be more open to what is happening with this person?
Card 2:  (Clarity)  How can you be more aware (with non-judgmental clarity) of what is going on with this person?
Card 3:  (Compassion)  How can you see and understand this person with more compassion?

Note that this spread can also be used to show someone how to heal a troubled relationship. We might redefine it as follows for that purpose:

Card 1:  (Openness)  How can you be more open in this relationship?
Card 2:  (Clarity)  How can you see the other person and your relationship with more clarity and non-judgmental awareness?
Card 3:  (Compassion)  How can you treat this person more compassionately?

So there you have it, an example of creating a spread using inspiration from another source.

For more information and to enroll in my workshop or to purchase the recorded version of it, click here.

I hope to see you all there!





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