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How Tarot can really help

April 11, 2015

As I mentioned in a prior blog post, I am currently reading What Really Helps by Karen Kissel Wegela.  I’m reading it because of what I see as my calling, which is to help people. I may be a Tarot reader, but it is limiting to merely see that label as a definition of what I do. Reading the cards is just a tool I use to help people create a better future for themselves. (This is why I say I’m “a fortune helper, not a fortune teller.”)

So this intention for my work is what drew me to this book, which is providing a great deal of wonderful food for thought. Today I came across this great quote in it:

As helpers we need to be able to work with problems, but we need to do more. We need to be able to recognize [other people’s] sanity.

This is a very important insight, which I think is valuable for any Tarot reader to consider. When we do readings, it’s easy to fall into the trap of primarily looking for problems. But as Wegela also says:

Looking only at what is wrong tends to make people feel that they are only a bunch of problems. This serves to undermine their ability to take care of themselves…”

This is why I also try to find solutions in the cards when I do a reading. Truly, I’ve found that every problem has some sort of solution that I can find in a reading if I look for it. However, although I feel this takes me a step closer to “what really helps,” I think there is another step I (and other Tarot readers too) can take. Although this is something that I often do in a reading, I know I can make a stronger conscious intention and effort to do it. So here is my suggestion to myself and to other Tarot readers:

Besides looking for problems and even besides looking for solutions, we should also seek to emphasize strengths and identify opportunities to overcome weaknesses. Perhaps we can include spread positions such as these in our readings:

  • What strengths does this person have that can help her?
  • In what areas of her life should she work to overcome her weaknesses?

But even if we don’t create or use such spread positions, we can always keep in mind the fact that part of what we should be looking for is the solutions and strengths that will empower our querents to take care of themselves.





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