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What does the Hanged Man mean?

April 18, 2015

Hanged Man RWS2.0Here is a pithy meaning for the Hanged Man:
When we accept our life as is, we suffer less.

People sometimes think that this perspective (“When we accept our life as is, we suffer less”) suggests not doing anything to improve your life, that you should just resign yourself to bad conditions … and they rail against that. But that’s not at all what it means. It means we should accept the fact that right now things are what they are. You can, however, resolve to work to make them better. The difference lies in not attaching to what you want things to be. The difference lies in living in the world of the “here and now” instead of in the mythical Empire of Should. (For more about the quagmires of that empire, see this blog post from a few years ago:

Another way to put this is “Don’t suffer what is — change it if you can and accept it if you can’t.” (This also suggests the famous “Serenity Prayer.”)

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