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What does the Knight of Cups mean?

April 25, 2015

Knight of Cups -- Tarot of the MastersHere is a pithy meaning for the Knight of Cups:
If you’ve kissed a lot of frogs and none of them has turned into a prince, maybe you’re in the wrong pond.

Let me provide a bit of illumination about this pithy meaning for the Knight of Cups by telling you about a conversation I had during a reading I once did while at a party.  A beautiful woman wanted to know when she would meet “Mr. Right.”  She also complained that “they’re all a**holes.”  However, she also obliquely mentioned that she’s only interested in handsome, well-endowed, rich guys.  (As I recall, though, two out of three would suffice.)  She also said that “all the nice ones are homely and …” and then she held up her little finger and rolled her eyes. (If you’ve seen the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, you may recall Andie MacDowell doing this.) I resisted the temptation to say, “Only interested in men like that, eh?  So. How’s that working out for you so far?”

Finally, this discussion also suggests another pithy meaning for this card, one that is inspired by an old song:
“Looking for love in all the wrong places.”

PS: You might consider this to be a pithy meaning for this card when it is reversed.

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