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What does the Nine of Pentacles mean?

April 26, 2015

Nine of Pentacles Pithy TarotHere is a pithy meaning for the Nine of Pentacles:
If you cannot accept yourself because of your flaws and failings, you will never enjoy life.

Here is a bit of explanation of this pithy meaning for the Nine of Pentacles.  This card is commonly interpreted as someone who has created a life (or home) that they enjoy.  However, the RWS version of it has an interesting feature. There is a snail in the garden.  What’s that pest doing there?  What does it symbolize?

Since the woman pictured in this card seems to have accepted it being there, we may infer the message that we have to be okay with the little problems in life too.  Perhaps, then, we might say “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  These considerations suggested the pithy meaning above.

Nine of Pentacles Snail(Note: this may be considered a reversed or “dark side” meaning for this card.)

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