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What does the Five of Pentacles mean?

April 28, 2015

Five of Pentacles RWS2.0Here is a pithy meaning for the Five of Pentacles:
Poverty is relative.

Here’s an old saying that also expressed this sentiment:
“I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet.”
(I found this quote attributed to Wally Lamb, but it also seems to have ancient origins, so we might just call it “an old saying.”)

I also found this meme on Facebook, which puts this message another way:

you hate your life but ...

The point is that as bad as you think you have it, there’s always someone worse off. This does not mean that you don’t have problems, it’s just intended to provide a bit of perspective now and then. It also may help you find things to be thankful for at times when complaints come to mind more than appreciation. However, having an attitude of gratitude lightens the load and it brings more good fortune than does a complaining mindset.

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  1. Have you ever heard of this 5 and marriage, ” for better or worse”?

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