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Request: Please don’t recommend my book, “Tarot: Get the Whole Story”! (Recommend “Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole Story” instead)

June 1, 2015

Tarot: Get the Whole Story (old version)Today, I would like to ask you all for a favor.  I often hear people say that they love my book “Tarot: Get the Whole Story” and they recommend it to their students or friends.  This is all very well and good, and I appreciate the emotional support, but the truth is that this gives me a warm feeling and that’s all.  It does nothing to support me financially because Llewellyn let that book go out of print a few years ago.  At that time, they dumped their remaining stock on the marketplace in a move that is called “remaindering”.  This means that they sold those last few hundred books to distributors and / or retailers at a rock-bottom price without giving the author a single penny of royalty (yes — zero dollars) and it’s all perfectly legal. That’s how the publishing world works.  The point is that now when those books are sold, the retailer gets 100% of the money and I get 0% of it. (By the way, this lack of any royalty is also true of sales of used books.)

Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole StorySo what’s the solution?  What’s my request?

After Llewellyn let T:GTWS go out of print, I created a revised, improved edition and I self-published it with a new title: Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole Story.  When you buy a copy of that book, either as a paperback or as a Kindle edition, I do get a royalty, as an author should.  So if you believe in fairness, I ask that you recommend to people that they get my new edition (TS:GTWS) instead of T:GTWS.  (You can use this link:

PS: My book Tarot Reading Explained (vs. Tarot Tells the Tale) is in a similar situation, as explained here.

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