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What is divination?

June 9, 2015

The most interesting tarot reader in the worldMy tagline for my Tarot practice is “I’m a fortune helper, not a fortune teller” but I have found that sometimes this perplexes people a bit because the popular notion of a Tarot reader is that of a fortuneteller. And once people get a notion planted in their heads, it can be hard to shake it loose.  So I was happy to find a discussion of the topic of “Divination” recently that resonates well with what I’m trying to say with my tagline.

The following is a quote from Robert Place’s website, The Alchemical Egg. (The bolded emphasis in it is mine).

Traditionally, dating back millennia, divination was used to develop intuition, gain access to our unconscious state, and get in touch with our Higher Self. Methods have included … consultations from oracles, the reading of omens, the throwing of dice, the watching of birds, and the reading of animal entrails, especially of the liver. It should be noted that these methods were not intended to be used as predictions for the future, but used as guide lines for improvements to communication with our Higher Self and to keep in favor of the divine.

Elsewhere on his website, Place also says this about the Tarot: “Instead of predicting the future, it can guide us to a better future.” So we see that the word divination literally means to get in touch with the divine to gain assistance with our lives, and this is how I try to use the Tarot.

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One Comment
  1. Fortuneteller – means the Sun to read all the cards (tarot and the oracles) the Future, the Present, the solution
    Tarot reader – The Sun To reading the Tarot (in universal language) Future, Present and Soulution
    Soothsayer – (warlock) that has the gift of reading tea leaves etc etc

    All different People ; we are all different, (among fortunetellers) between tarot card readers) between sorcerers – means that the type of intuition, mediumship or empathy varies between us Tellers, cores and warlocks

    My cordial greetings and respect , I like your blog
    tarotoraculos – Ana Paiva

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