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A Tarot Triptych: Queen of Swords, Judgment, Queen of Wands

June 14, 2015

Today I dealt the following three cards to interpret them as a story spread:

Triptych Tarot of the Masters Queen of Swords, Judgment, Queen of Wands

First, let’s consider the direction of movement here.  First of all, the movement in the Judgment card seems upward, not right or left. So I considered the meaning of that card (to judge or evaluate) and I noted the curious fact that the flanking cards (ONE and THREE) are both of the same number / rank, differing only in suit.  So I decided to read this triptych as indicating a critical comparison of two things (character traits, since the flanking cards are court cards.)  Consequently, I saw the following message in this three card story:

A careful evaluation of how you respond to a difficult event in your life will make an important difference: will you become bitter (Queen of Swords) or more determined to be self confident (Queen of Wands)? The latter response will bring you the renewal promised by the Judgment card.

Note that the final part of this message (the advice) arose when I remembered that the Judgment card is associated with elemental fire, as is the suit of Wands.


A 3-card Story spread reading is a way to interpret three cards as a single triptych image that tells a story.  If you want more explanation of how (and why) to do such readings, see my blog post titled, “The Triptychs of TarotVille.”




  1. What a thoughtful interpretation James.


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