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A Tarot Triptych: Five of Wands, Youth of Coins, High Priestess

June 28, 2015

Today I dealt the following three cards to interpret them as a story spread:

Triptych Tarot of the Masters Five of Wands, Youth of Coins, High Priestess

Let’s begin by considering the direction of movement in the cards here by looking at the central card.  The Youth of Coins does present some movement from left to right, but it’s rather subtle.  However, the person on this card is looking out at us and seems to be asking a question or seeking advice.  Consequently, I thought this card might be asking about money or career (since it is in the suit of Coins), and (due to the slight left-to-right movement) the left side would then indicate the problem and the right, the advice. With that in mind, I would like to present the following suggestion for a three card story that we might see here.

When troubled by mental chatter about what to do (as in “What do you want to be when you grow up?”), find a quiet place within your heart to search for the wisdom to advise you.

Finally here are a few bits of explanation:

First, one of the ways I interpret the Five of Wands is as an indication of what’s called “Monkey Mind,” meaning the chaotic chatter of our thoughts.  However, that card might also indicate all the conflicting advice we sometimes get from friends and family. Sometimes that can create more confusion than clarity, more heat than light. In that case, we might say instead, “When troubled by confusing advice …”

Second, this meaning for these cards may seem to be directed at a youth trying to decide on a career path. However, we are all faced with decisions about our finances and our careers now and then, so this advice is pretty applicable to people of all ages.


A 3-card Story spread reading is a way to interpret three cards as a single triptych image that tells a story.  If you want more explanation of how (and why) to do such readings, see my blog post titled, “The Triptychs of TarotVille.”




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