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A Tarot Triptych: Four of Coins, King of Cups, Nine of Wands

July 22, 2015

Today I dealt the following three cards to interpret them as a story spread:

Triptych -- Tarot of the Masters: Four of Coins, King of Cups, Nine of Wands

First, let’s consider the direction of movement here.  The King of Cups (the central card) is basically facing to the right, which implies a left-to-right movement for the cards. On the other hand, the figure in that card is seated, which indicated to me that the movement may be hesitant or delayed.  This hesitance is reinforced by the fact that the man on the Four of Coins is looking backward (i.e., from right-to-left).

Now let’s look at a quick interpretation of each card:

Four of Coins: Valuing material things above all else; materialism
King of Cups: Wisdom of the heart, which leads to the ability to maintain serenity even in tumultuous circumstances
Nine of Wands: Barriers, gaining wisdom from old wounds, the “wounded healer”

Finally, let’s see the mini-story I saw in these three cards:

As long as you focus on the material aspects of life you won’t be able to develop the emotional wisdom and serenity you need in order to overcome the (probably subconscious) barriers to success that old wounds have created.

(Note that this interpretation might be in response to someone who is working hard on gaining material accomplishment, but without nearly as much success as they want.)


A 3-card Story spread reading is a way to interpret three cards as a single triptych image that tells a story.  If you want more explanation of how (and why) to do such readings, see my blog post titled, “The Triptychs of TarotVille.”




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