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Tarot Tips … and a testimonial

August 1, 2015

In the latest issue of Tarot Tips, Elinor Greenberg has a wonderful article called “REPEAT BUSINESS: THE ART OF GIVING A USEFUL TAROT READING.”  In the first section of it — “Stay focused on the querent’s specific question” — she very kindly complements how I did a reading for her many years ago. Thank you for the shout-out, Elinor!

I would like to refer you all to this TT issue where you can read her article, along with all the other great articles brought to you by the Tarot School.

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  1. Thank you, James! If you ever wondered if your readings ever make a difference, I can definitely say yours did. By the way, those papers that your reading suggested that I focus on, are now being collected into a book, whose likely title is: “Love, Admiration, or Safety: Collected Papers on Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Disorders” by Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP, CPTR. Should be out next year from Ravenwood Press.

    • Again, thank you for the kind words. ❤ And congrats on the upcoming book! I hope it's a big success!

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