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What does the Ace of Wands mean?

August 19, 2015

RWS2.0 Wands AceHere is a pithy meaning for the Ace of Wands:
Mono-culture is bad ecology.

OK, what does that mean? In short, it says that life thrives on diversity. For example, the streets of North American cities were once lined with elm trees, but that mono-culture proved disastrous when Dutch elm disease struck and devastated entire populations of those shade trees. The spread of that disease was facilitated by the fact that the elm trees were strung side by side along streets with no intervening trees to break the path of the disease. Also, with their deaths, every shade tree along the affected streets died.  (A similar devastation occurred here in Southern California a couple of decades ago when one very common species of Eucalyptus was suddenly attacked by an infestation of lerp psyllid.)

However, this statement is not just relevant to the diversity of species in our physical environment.  It is, for example, also relevant with regards to a diversity of industry or commerce to a local economy.

So another way to put this concept is the following:

A table cannot stand for long on just one leg.


Note: Each of these pithy Tarot meanings is just one facet of its card. Find more of them on my Card Meanings page.  Also, get my Pithy Tarot eBook or the FREE app that uses my pithy Tarot meanings … and LIKE my Pithy Tarot Facebook page!




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