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What does the Three of Swords mean?

August 20, 2015

Alchemical Tarot -- Three SwordsHere is a pithy meaning for the Three of Swords:
Your psychological and physical health affect each other in creative interplay.

This pithy meaning comes from several sources:

Numerological: Three can mean creativity.
Elemental: Swords are about what’s going on in your mind.
Visual: The best known card image for the Three of Swords is of Three Swords stabbing a heart, which implies your mind causing pain. (Many decks use this imagery, going all the way back to the ancient Sola Busca deck.)

Finally, I am currently reading a book called The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders by John Sarno.  Here is a blurb about it:

In Dr. Sarno’s view, the crucial interaction between the generally reasonable, rational, ethical, and moral conscious mind and the repressed feelings of emotional pain, hurt, sadness, and anger characteristic of the unconscious mind appears to be the basis for mindbody disorders.

It’s important to note about all this that the popular notion of psychosomatic is pretty far off base. Many people think that psychosomatic means “It’s all in your head. It isn’t real. Just get over it.” Well, that’s not right.  It means that real physical problems can arise from real psychic wounds.  But it also means that you can overcome those physical problems by treating the psychic problems. And that can bring us to some great advice when this card comes up in a reading.


Note: Each of these pithy Tarot meanings is just one facet of its card. Find more of them on my Card Meanings page.  Also, get my Pithy Tarot eBook or the FREE app that uses my pithy Tarot meanings … and LIKE my Pithy Tarot Facebook page!




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