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A Tarot Triptych: Hermit, Queen of Cups, and Death

September 27, 2015

A couple of years ago I found a humorous Tarot reading in a “Get Fuzzy” comic strip.  (You can find it and read my thoughts about it in my blog post at that time.)  In that strip, one of the characters does a ridiculous (and humorous) Tarot reading with the following cards:  Hermit, Queen of Cups, Death

Triptych Tarot of the Masters: Hermit, Queen of Cups, and Death

I took that as an opportunity to think about what those cards might indicate when viewed together as a three card triptych, and here is what I got:

When you make a soulful search for the meaning of love and relationships it can result in a profound transformation in your life.

If you have a different interpretation, post it here in the comments section, OK?  I’d be interested to see it.


A 3-card Story spread reading is a way to interpret three cards as a single triptych image that tells a story.  If you want a deeper explanation of how (and why) to do such readings, see my blog post titled, “The Triptychs of TarotVille.”




  1. mplanglinais permalink

    Interesting. I immediately read it as someone alone and searching meets the Queen of Cups and it was that meeting that transformed potentially both their lives. But I suppose one would need situational context for the reading to know.

    • That’s a very valid interpretation as well!
      And in that case, I might see the Queen of Cups specifically as a woman seeking romance.

  2. Hi James – I love these triptychs and the chance to see other interpretations. The Hermit is blinded by the light. He only sees the brilliance of his own thoughts. The Queen is calling him to be more non-verbal and heart-centered. It will feel like the death of everything familiar to Hermit’s ego, but will lead to transformation.

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