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What does the Chariot card mean?

October 28, 2015

The Chariot -- Tarot of the MastersHere is a pithy meaning for the Chariot card:
Search for the world to which you truly belong.

In many versions of this card, the chariot is leaving a walled city. From this we might infer that the charioteer is leaving his home in search of something new. Consequently, I find that sometimes the Chariot card suggests the Ugly Duckling leaving the ducks it grew up with in hopes of finding a world to which it may belong.  It may not yet know it is a swan, but it knows it’s not a duck. And so this card is about a search for your tribe, for a place where you belong. It’s important, however, to be aware of the difference between trying to find the world to which you truly belong and trying to escape the one that is alien to you. Be careful that you do the former and not the latter.


Note: Each of these pithy Tarot meanings is just one facet of its card. Find more of them on my Card Meanings page.  Also, get my Pithy Tarot eBook or the FREE app that uses my pithy Tarot meanings … and LIKE my Pithy Tarot Facebook page!




  1. This is why I love men! haha! I am dead serious because by this card you have shown the simplicity and vitality of it, and it can truly be simple and a way of logic working for or against you., However you must incorporate the other “truths” to this card, that it represents a operation of will if you will (lol) where we must trust in where we are being led. This is a movement card that shows always moving in some way shape form and how we can deal with the changes. Also this card asks ” which direction am I going”? it is an opposition often of two paths we must choose from, due to the black and white horses riding separately away from us, often indicates a major decision that must be made in your life otherwise you will suffer back to the # 6, which is where the 7 came from. 7’s are all about folding, unfolding the mystery of what you have folded in the very first place and how to overcome this challenge. Try to imagine yourself steering these two horses in your favor, that is what this card is all about, the direction may be iffy and trying but it shows a direct line to what will fall not far behind. This card shows the reality of where you are and most likely will end up…It is the basis from what you choose, and you can take either two paths here or you can combine them and bring yourself home.

    • Thank you for your comments about this card. Please keep in mind (as noted above) that each of my pithy meanings is just ONE facet of a card. They are intended to provide food for thought about the meanings of a card and open discussion about it. I’m glad this one did that for you.
      If you want to read more of my comments about the Chariot, see the blog posts listed here:

      • Thanks for the reply, I will check it out.:) Its funny how the tarot can be so accurate yet have so many layers.

      • Actually, I think it’s vitality and accuracy are because of it’s many layers.

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