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What does the Six of Wands mean?

February 29, 2016

Six of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersHere is a pithy meaning for the Six of Wands:
Me first!

This sentiment, which may be seen as an expression of the Six of Wands in a reversed or negative position, is very common in people. We see it often, such as when we are cut off in traffic or shoved aside in a rushing crowd. I do not think that people who do this are fundamentally bad; they just forget that we’re all in this life together, and they forget their manners sometimes.

I believe that most of us do want other people to get what they need in life, but when our egos take over (as they often do), we want to be especially sure that we do too, so we try to get ours first. This is characteristic of our baser instincts—perhaps it’s our survival instinct gone a bit haywire. However, this way of acting is beneath us on a spiritual level.

Maybe remembering all this will help the next time it happens to you, and maybe it will help to keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to act in a “Me first!” sort of way. We all do it now and then, but we should all try to rise about it.


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