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Easy Spiritual practices: Eight of Pentacles

March 19, 2016

Spirituality is not just what you do in church on Sunday. It doesn’t have to be some tough discipline that takes years of practice.  No. It’s also all the little things in life too, like smiling at a stranger, giving a coin to a beggar, and stopping to smell (and appreciate) the roses. So if you want to be a bit more spiritual, if you want to come one step closer to the Divine, here is one easy little spiritual practice for today inspired by the Eight of Pentacles.

When there is a task to do, be the task.

Tarot of the Masters -- Eight of Coins / PentaclesWhenever we do a simple task, our minds tend to wander since so little focus of our attention is needed. This tasks includes things like peeling carrots, washing the car, brushing your teeth, vacuuming the floor, sorting the laundry, eating meals, and mowing the lawn.  But tasks like these are excellent opportunities to practice mindfulness and living in the moment.  It’s almost like we’re given a chance to meditate many times each day without feeling like we’re wasting time.  (Of course, meditation is not a waste of time, but we often use that as an excuse for not doing it.)

As I noted in a “Spiritual Tarot” post about the Eight of Pentacles:

… As an example, when you peel a carrot, focus on that, and only that. Don’t think about what you are going to do with that carrot after you peel it, and certainly don’t think about an argument you just had or worry about a project you need to do for your job. Just be with the experience of peeling the carrot. Focus your attention on it. Watch the peelings curl away. Feel the texture of the carrot in your hand. In short, “be here now” as you work on this task.

In short, then, here is a suggestion for an easy way to expand your spiritual practice:

Today, perform each simple task in your day-to-day life with focused concentration and a quiet mind. Be the task.

In this way, you can find joy and fulfillment in every little thing you do.

PS: There are entire books written about this topic (for example, see the seminal work by Ram Dass: Be Here Now), but if you would like some other practical tips to help you learn to live less in your head and more in the moment (“the eternal now”), I would also refer you to an article titled “Back to the Present: How to Live in the Moment.”


This post includes excerpts from my Tarot book — The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot.



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