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Six Year Anniversary Special offer!

March 28, 2016

Birthday cake from free clip art site 67pctToday is my blog’s 6 year anniversary on WordPress.

In celebration, I would like to present a special offer to you!  From now until the end of this month (i.e., until midnight March 31, 2016) I am offering 20% off my skype and email readings.
Important: When you contact me, you must note that you are requesting my “SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY RATE.”
Note: Read testimonials about my Tarot work!

I also want to refer you all to a post from a while ago titled, “What’s on this blog anyway?

As I noted in that post, there is a whole lot of Tarot content on my blog (to date, about 1,500 posts!), but I realize that with so much content, some of the best stuff may be hard to find.  So that post mentions some of the highlights, along with links to find them.  These include links to Card meanings, Sample readings, Spreads, my Deck Creator Forum, various articles about other ways to use the cards, Tarot Book and deck reviews, and information about My Tarot books and my Tarot readings.




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