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The Essential Lenormand

April 20, 2016

Lenormand book 1The Essential Lenormand

Today I posted a review of a Lenormand book: The Essential Lenormand by Rana George. This is a bit of a change, as this is not a Tarot book, but the Lenormand is a close relative.  I hope you all enjoy the review.






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  1. Thank you — the review is one of the most helpful things i’ve read about Lenormand. i played with it went it first became popular, and worked on it quite a lot. The Grand Tableau is too much for me, as is the Celtic Cross. i enjoy small spreads much better.

    Will have to think about getting this book and playing around with Lenormand again. i do like tarot better overall.

    Take care — Sue

    • You’re very welcome.
      If you do get the book, I think you’ll appreciate some of the smaller spreads provided. Rana even talks a lot about using just 3 cards.

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