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What does the Eight of Swords mean?

May 3, 2016

Eight of SwordsHere is a pithy meaning for the Eight of Swords:

Stop procrastinating. Do something you’ve been postponing.

The paralysis that we see illustrated in many versions of the Eight of Swords can suggest the meaning of procrastination.  This is a bigger problem for some of us than for others, but we all do it to some extent.

Why do we procrastinate? What does procrastination do to us? An article titled “The Relationship Between Self-Compassion & Procrastination” talks about some of the negative effects of procrastination that go beyond the obvious result of a task left undone. It says, “ … paralysis in the face of a task or problem can lead to escalating levels of self-criticism and self-depreciation, a self-perpetuating downward negative spiral.” But this article also tells us why we procrastinate, and it provides advice about how to confront and overcome the paralysis of procrastination so that we can escape that downward spiral.


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