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The Page of Cups suggests a way to live a happier life

July 4, 2017

Youth / Page of Cups -- Tarot of the MastersThere are many ways to use Tarot cards beyond the well-known process of doing a traditional reading. Here’s a way to create a happier life today using a bit of advice from the Page of Cups.

A few years ago I posted the following pithy meaning for the Page of Cups.

To keep a relationship alive, keep it ever new — do something unexpected.

Here is what it suggests about making your life a happier:

Surprise someone you love with something fun and unexpected. This can be a little present, a sincere complement or expression of appreciation, or a helpful act. It can be anything that comes out of the blue to bring a surprised smile to the other person’s face. This will make the other person’s life a bit happier, and at the same time, it will make yours happier too.

Note that while one might expect this advice to apply to our romantic relationships, we can apply it to non-romantic relationships too. However, if you are not in a romantic relationship at this time and would like another suggestion, consider the fact that this card typically expresses the theme of being enchanted by the mysteries of life. Consequently, we may see it as urging us to embrace that which is mysterious and unknown.  It says, “Embrace the mysteries of life for they will enchant you and lead you into wondrous realms you never dreamed of before.”  This suggests another way to create a happier, more fulfilling life:

Today, consider something mysterious in life.  This can be anything from the “big” questions like “What’s the meaning of life?” and “What is love?” to more personal ones like “How can I truly love myself?” or “What is it about a beautiful sunset that makes me so happy?”  However, don’t try to definitively answer the question or analyze the mystery.  Instead, just feel the mystery, experience it, and let your heart travel the path that your contemplation reveals.

— — —

Many of these suggestions from the cards about how to live a happier, more fulfilled life were inspired by my pithy Tarot meanings and by material in my book, The Soul’s Journey. If you like them, you’ll love my books, Pithy Tarot and The Soul’s Journey. Also, for more Tarot messages, LIKE my Tarot Facebook page.
For a list of all my “Tarot and Happiness” posts see my article titled Find Happiness with Tarot Cards.





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