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The Five of Swords suggests a way to live a happier life

September 6, 2017

Five of Swords -- RWS2.0There are many ways to use Tarot cards beyond the well-known process of traditional readings. What follows is a way to create a happier life today using a bit of advice from the Five of Swords.

This card’s indication of petty arguments once suggested this pithy meaning to me:
Would you rather be right or happy?

I also associate the following not-so-pithy quote with it:

“Let go of your attachment to being right, and suddenly your mind is more open.  You’re able to benefit from the unique viewpoints of others without being crippled by your own judgment.” — Ralph Marston

When someone disagrees with us, we may consider them to be an enemy (to some extent) if we take disagreements personally. But what if those who disagree with us are not our enemies?  What if they are teachers we are refusing to pay attention to?  If we listen to such “enemies” we can discover all sorts of valuable truths about ourselves.  Of course, not everything they say is true but some of it can be, so there usually is something important to be learned from them if we keep an open mind.  This can be a painful process, but ultimately it is a process that will set us free.

Here is an exercise you might do to bring this message into your life.  Think of someone you consider an “enemy” because they opposed you in an argument, and then consider what truth about yourself this situation may reveal.  Perhaps you have some deep, hidden doubts about your position.  Maybe you are projecting on to the other person some trait or characteristic that you dislike in yourself.  Or is your ego is defending itself at the expense of your happiness?  In any case, try to think of this other person as a teacher rather than as an opponent so that you can learn something from this situation instead.

Also, let this exercise set an example so that you can start making better choices in the future about your responses in similar situations. And always keep in mind the question, “Would I rather be right or happy?”

— — —

Many of these suggestions from the cards about how to live a happier, more fulfilled life were inspired by my pithy Tarot meanings and by material in my book, The Soul’s Journey. If you like them, you’ll love my books, Pithy Tarot and The Soul’s Journey. Also, for more Tarot messages, LIKE my Tarot Facebook page.
For a list of all my “Tarot and Happiness” posts see my article titled Find Happiness with Tarot Cards.





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