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Tarot and Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017

gratitude _ thanksgiving
Today is Thanksgiving (in the US) so I thought I’d share some links to posts here about Appreciation and Gratitude:


Here is a pithy meaning for the Nine of Cups:
The way to true contentment is the ability to appreciate everything good, no matter how small.

And here is one of the Ten of Pentacles:
You can continually want more, or you can appreciate all that you have right here and now.  Take your pick.

A few years ago, I posted a spiritual message about appreciation from the Nine of Cups. I also have a post about how the Ace of Pentacles suggests that appreciating something brings more of it and one about advice from the Nine of Pentacles about developing prosperity consciousness through appreciation.


The following pithy meaning for the Six of Pentacles was inspired by a post in KindSpring’s 21-day gratitude challenge:
Take nothing for granted.  Be grateful for everything, for everything is a gift, no matter how small.

Another post for the Six of Pentacles suggested the following (very) pithy meaning about giving thanks, and there is an expanded discussion about it there.
Say “Thank you.” 

You can read an article about how the Six of Wands suggests a prayer of gratitude and one about what all of the Tarot’s SIX cards say about gratitude. And the Five of Pentacles tells us why gratitude is even more important during the hard times, which may be the most important message about gratitude of all.

Finally, I would like to recommend a great article titled “The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Healthier.”








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