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The Nine of Swords suggests a way to live a happier life

December 4, 2017

Nine of Swords -- Tarot of the MastersThere are many ways to use Tarot cards beyond the well-known process of traditional readings. Here’s a way to create a happier life today using a bit of advice from the Nine of Swords.

This card is sometimes called “the worry card,” so of course I thought of it when I read an article which says that 85% of the things we worry about never happen.  That article goes on to describe a way to rewire your brain to quiet the worry circuit.  As a brief excerpt, it suggests the following exercise which you can practice today:

Imagine that there is a button in the center of the palm of one of your hands that is hardwired to your brain to tell it to stop worrying and to become calm instead.[1]  Call this your “clear button.” Whenever you find your mind wandering off into a worrisome scenario about something, remember your clear button in the palm of one of your hands. Press it with your other hand, and imagine an electric signal racing to your brain telling it “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

If that approach doesn’t appeal to you, here is another technique for escaping from the worry trap that you can practice today:

When you find yourself worrying about something, take a few deep breaths as you focus on the mundane details of where you are in the present moment. Then shift your attention to visualizing what you want instead. The intention here is to transform your thoughts about a situation from fears about what might be into hopes about what could be.

— — —

Many of these suggestions from the cards about how to live a happier, more fulfilled life were inspired by my pithy Tarot meanings and by material in my book, The Soul’s Journey. If you like them, you’ll love my books, Pithy Tarot and The Soul’s Journey. Also, for more Tarot messages, LIKE my Tarot Facebook page.
For a list of all my “Tarot and Happiness” posts see my article titled Find Happiness with Tarot Cards.


[1] I suggest you use your non-dominant hand for this.

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