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The Ten of Swords suggests a way to live a happier life

February 16, 2018

Ten of Swords RWS2.0 Tarot eCardsThere are many ways to use Tarot cards beyond the well-known process of traditional readings. Here’s a way to create a happier life today using a bit of advice from the Ten of Swords.

This card is often viewed negatively, and people hate to see it turn up in a reading, but that comes from focusing on the common illustration on it (after the RWS fashion). However, we can also consider it from a numerological (10) / elemental (Swords/Air) point of view. In that case, we might see the Ten of Swords as indicating an end to a way of thinking. Indeed, one of my pithy meanings for the Ten of Swords is this:

Stop believing everything you think.

This meaning was inspired by an article that considers the question: “How would your life change if you stopped believing all of your thoughts?” Briefly, here is a very short excerpt:

Most of us … get committed to our worldviews and become extremely attached to our problems. [Consider thoughts like] “I’m always bad with math” or “I don’t enjoy music” or “my enemy hates me.” You can show kindness to yourself by disbelieving [them]. … When you really stop believing your thoughts, you notice that you have more gratitude, appreciation, and love toward life.

So if we realize that our thoughts about things are but one interpretation of reality and we stop letting our beliefs define our lives, we can become happier. But how can we make this fundamental shift of consciousness? It takes practice, of course, so here is a way to start practicing:

Today, take a few minutes to contemplate something (such as a flower, a piece of furniture, a mountain in the distance) for a while without thinking about it or about what it means. Just see it, feel it, smell it, listen to it — anything but think about it.  See if you can do that and just experience what happens. It’s not easy, but try it, knowing that it takes practice.

That’s one suggestion. Now, here’s another one. Remember I said that this card’s illustration disturbs people? Well, even considering it, we can come up with a suggestion about how to find a happier life. This picture suggests the saying, “death by a thousand cuts.”[1] We can use this concept to see how we can slowly “kill” the inhumanity that infects the world (or just the sadness that infects each of us personally) through repeated simple acts of kindness.  Here, then is something you can do today:

Today, commit being kind, loving, compassionate, and generous.  The ways you do this may seem small and inconsequential, but if you do it often and consistently, the world around you will eventually change, and so will your life. The bad and sad things in the world and in your life will start to be transformed by the process of “death by a thousand cuts.”

— — —

Many of these suggestions from the cards about how to live a happier, more fulfilled life were inspired by my pithy Tarot meanings and by material in my book, The Soul’s Journey. If you like them, you’ll love my books, Pithy Tarot and The Soul’s Journey. Also, for more Tarot messages, LIKE my Tarot Facebook page.
For a list of all my “Tarot and Happiness” posts see my article titled Find Happiness with Tarot Cards.


[1] “Death by a thousand cuts” refers to a process whereby something is whittled away, bit by bit. No single cut deals a mortal blow, but cumulatively, each one brings the thing being attacked a little closer to a fatal end.


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