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What does the Six of Pentacles mean?

May 5, 2018

Here is a pithy meaning for the Six of Pentacles:
Remember to ask, “How can I help?”

There are many times when someone is in need of help where this advice is obvious. However, there are also times when it is not so obvious.  Sometimes when we see someone acting badly or strangely, they may be doing so because they are in distress. In those cases, we may just see that we are being disturbed by their agitation. Instead of being aggravated, though, a better response would be to ask, “How can I help?”

Let me give you an example. Recently when I was in a theater lobby prior to a play, I was sitting next to someone who was speaking loudly on his phone. Other people were giving him angry glances, but I heard enough of his conversation to realize that he was dealing with an urgent situation that he was having a hard time dealing with. So when he paused, apparently having been put on hold, I told him that I could tell he was in distress and asked if there was anything I could do to help. Obviously appreciative of my simple act of empathy and kindness, he told me that yes, he was very distressed. He gave a very brief explanation of the situation including the fact that he was talking to a company that refused to email him a confirmation number for his transaction. He asked if I could get pen and paper for him so he could write it down, which I did get from the box office, but I think that what helped him most was to have someone speak kindly to him.

Note: Here is another, related pithy meaning for this card:
What good deed have you done today? Life is better when you do at least one each day.


Note: Each of these pithy Tarot meanings is just one facet of its card. Find more of them on my Card Meanings page.  Also, get my Pithy Tarot Book and LIKE my Pithy Tarot Facebook page!





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