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You don’t have an evil spirit darkening your life!

January 18, 2019

This blog post is a warning about an all-too common scam perpetrated by scurrilous “psychics.” I feel compelled to post this today because of an email that I got from a prospective client. I have discussed this before, but it’s been a long time since I have, and it bears repeating.

The following is an excerpt of the email that I got:

1RWS 2.0 Devil cardI had a reading from a psychic today and it felt very bad. She said that I have a dark spirit around me and that it was cast by someone who wanted to be with me but I did not want to pursue the relationship. She said that my aura is dark and shrouded by this spirit and that I should tell her immediately if I’ll pay her $300 to perform a ceremony that lasts nine days where she kills the evil spirit. 

The whole thing scared me. I don’t feel like I should pay her that much money but I’m wondering if she’s right that I have a dark spirit around me.

I quickly sent this reply:

I want to let you know immediately that this is a SCAM!  It’s an old trick, and I’ve heard variations on this story too many times to count.  Don’t worry. You don’t have a curse on you. You don’t have an evil spirit attached to you. “Psychics” like this are a menace. They scare the crap out of people in order to bilk them. Don’t give her or her phony warning a second thought. And don’t worry that you have an evil spirit around you. The only evil spirit in your life is that “psychic” and you can banish her by walking away and never going back.

I have indeed heard variations on this story many, many times. Often, the unfortunate person is scared by this experience (an effect that is damage enough), and worse luck yet to the even more unlucky victims who actually fork over the exorbitant fee. Here are the basics to look out for:

  • The initial reading does not cost a lot. The small fee is designed to get in as many people as they can.
  • The “psychic” tells you that you have a curse on you or that an evil spirit is causing your problems. Something like that.
  • They then tell you that they can fix this dark and dire problem for you, but it will cost you a lot of money. Why so expensive? Sometimes it’s because they have to perform a long and difficult process. Sometimes it’s because it requires very expensive materials – “psychically charged” crystals or herbs or whatever. (PS: They aren’t really going to spend nine days performing an exhaustive ritual, and those crystals or herbs are ordinary quartz or sage, etc.; they aren’t special at all.)
  • They also impart a sense of urgency. You have to do this quickly! (That’s so that you don’t have time to think about it or ask someone about it. It’s also part of the scare tactic.)

So, again: Beware of this scam. You don’t have an evil spirit infecting your life! You may have emotional or psychological issues holding you back, but $300 (and that’s cheap compared to some stories I’ve heard!) for a convoluted ceremony is not going to help that.






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