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Focus on the Reading; cell phones OFF

February 4, 2019

Cell phone -- NOTSomeone recently commented on one of my blog posts that is about doing readings for friends and family. Briefly, she related a story about doing a reading for a friend who was not giving his full attention to the process. In fact, in the midst of the reading, he answered his cell phone to talk to his very upset girlfriend. Since this reader brought up this topic, I thought it would be a good idea to address it in a new post, so here goes:

First there is the specific issue of cell phones. I started doing readings long before people became slaves to their electronics, so this was not an issue for me originally. Now, however, it can be.  I regret having to do this, but since it has become an issue, I suggest that you ask anyone getting a reading from you to turn off their cell phone during the session. You might say something like this:

“Please turn off your cell phone. I want to give you the best reading possible, but if your phone rings it will break my concentration and it will distract both of us, which detracts from the reading process.”

If they insist on answering their phone (which I’ve never had happen, but I guess it could), I would insist on rescheduling the reading. Alternatively (at your discretion) you might let them take the call outside the room and return when they have completed it and can turn off their phone. The time they spend doing that would, of course, still be on the meter. I can’t imagine that they would want to pay you to sit around and wait while they use their phone, but who knows? Again, this would be at your discretion.

Secondly, let’s look at the general issue of a seeker being distracted during a reading, for whatever reason.

I do readings professionally, and I find that paying clients are much less likely to be distracted during a reading than a friend might be, but on rare occasion they are. If they are distracted, you can gently remind them that their attention and participation in the reading is important. Let them know that if they are focused on something other than the question at hand, the Universe (or however you want to express that) may pick up on that and give a response that addresses the extraneous issue that is engaging their attention. In other words, an unfocused attention risks an unfocused reading.

Finally, I would like to point out that if someone has requested a reading from you (whether a friend or a paying client), it is discourteous for them to split their attention. You should know that you (and the reading) deserve their undivided attention, and you are quite within your rights to take remedial measures if you aren’t getting it.






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