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What Are Pithy Tarot Meanings? Part II

August 4, 2019

Pithy Tarot coverThis blog post is sort of a sequel to a post from about six years ago titled What Are Pithy Tarot Meanings?

While talking to Mary Brown on her podcast on which I was a guest recently, we touched upon the topic of my pithy Tarot meanings, which made me think about how I might clarify some things about them.

My hope is that when people read these pithy Tarot meanings, it will be like planting seeds rather than harvesting crops. Besides providing ideas about what the cards mean, I hope they make people think more deeply about the cards and thus come up with new insights for themselves about card meanings. I also hope that people will adjust these pithy meanings to better suit their own needs and their own understanding of the cards. I also hope that they will inspire everyone to come up with their own pithy Tarot meanings. So the crop I want you to grow with these seeds is an abundance of understanding of the cards and a robust ability to forever expand upon that understanding.








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