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A Prayer to Lift Your Life (Inspired by the Tarot)

July 4, 2020

RWS 2.0 Aces and Fool

The following is a prayer to lift your life based on the fundamental messages of the four Tarot suits and the Major Arcana. You may revise it and address it to whatever form your belief in the Divine may be.

I pray that I may 

  • Be generous to others and appreciate all that the Universe gives me (Pentacles)
  • Find clarity, understanding, and wisdom in all my dealings with other people (Swords)
  • Be loving and compassionate in all my relationships (Cups)
  • Always live life with joy and passion (Wands)
  • Realize the divine spark within myself, within everyone I meet, and within all that exists around me. (Major Arcana)







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