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New Tarot de Marseilles deck?

January 29, 2021

I would like to get some feedback on a Tarot deck project I’m thinking of doing – a new coloring of the Tarot de Marseilles deck (tentatively called “21st Century Tarot de Marseilles”). I plan to remain pretty faithful to the original line drawings and color scheme of the TdM. The main change is that it will look sharper and the new coloring will pop, much like I did for the RWS deck with my “RWS 2.0
I have created a sample version of the Fool, which you can see here, before I dive into this. 


I have created a few updates showing:

Another update: As I’ve gotten feedback on the cards I’ve created, I’ve decided to make a couple of changes:

  1. I have reversed black and white on the number and name bars, thus making them white lettering on a black background.
  2. I was informed by someone (on a Facebook group) that the mixture of U’s and V’s (for what we now would call “u”) on the TdM cards was an historical anomaly (there was a time when their use was interchangeable) and probably did not indicate any intentional “message”. This affects a couple of cards: the Lovers and the Tower. Since there is no meaning to that mixture, and since using a V for a U may seem a bit jolting to us here in the 21st Century, I have changed that too.

Finally: I have created a Majors-only version of this deck, and down the line, I hope to someday produce 56 more cards to make a full deck. Stay tuned for more on that!
Announcement as of 10/21/2021 — my new 21st Century Tarot de Marseilles deck (Majors only) deck is now available for sale! You can order it HERE.


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  1. Love the bright colors…really makes it fun. Not a Marseille pro so have no concern about authenticity, etc. Thanks for the wonderful new creation!

  2. Lady Darcel permalink

    Hi James. . . . I hope you are doing well! The colors are the best; so “Alive”! You have asked for opinions so I will give you the most honest. So, here I go. . . . First, I see these beautiful, vivid colors that make the card alive. Then, I see “The Fool” and part of his hat is cut off; and I wonder what the rest of that hat looks like. Then, I see this “Cute Dog” and part of its body is cut off; and I wonder what its tail looks like: straight, curly, wagging, or just hanging there. For me, I always work better with decks that have full pictures of people and animals. For me, “Complete Pictures” equal “Complete Cards” equal “Complete Metaphysical/Psychological Tools To Work With”; and “Incomplete Pictures” equal “Incomplete Cards” equal “Incomplete Metaphysical/Psychological Tools To Work With”. Also, I work better with cards that allow me to see all faces, whether it is a front view picture or a side view picture. This way, all of these can be used as Significator Cards. The “Le Mat” also looks good, but if you also added “The Fool”, it would go from looking good to looking great. You do not necessarily need to add the number zero (0) unless you want to. But, if you’re going to put numbers on the other Major Arcana Cards, I feel it would look great if you added a number on The Fool too. Something like “0 The Fool – Le Mat” or “0/22 The Fool – Le Mat” or “0/XXII The Fool – Le Mat” would look great. Ok James, that’s it for now. Take Care!

    • Thank you for your comments! In response, let me say that my intention here is to be as faithful to the original imagery as possible. (See an example of the TdM Fool here: ) I am trying to bring that original image to life with colors that pop. Trust me, if I make appreciable changes to what is shown on the original card, if I use the words “The Fool”, and if I number it (0 or otherwise), then my main target audience (TdM fans) will be in an uproar.

      • Hi James. . . . Ok then, since you are aiming to stick to the original designs, I will say that your re-coloring is excellent! ( I thought you were creating a whole new TdM deck with your own new twist.) That magenta/pink border around the card is perfect; it’s like I’m walking into another dimension or something. Perfect! I can’t wait to see the other cards when you’re done. Take Care!

  3. Pauline O'Shea permalink

    I love them…and am waiting for you to finish them so I can buy them….I bought your RWT that I came across somewhere ..and love it….pity it isn’t more well known…

  4. Pauline O'Shea permalink

    yes I do…..

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