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21st Century Tarot de Marseilles card backs

September 28, 2021

I am considering creating a Majors-only version of my 21st Century Tarot de Marseilles first, and then somewhere down the road doing a full deck. (It will take a lot of time to do the remaining 56 cards.)

In anticipation of that, I have created a couple of options for the card backs, which you can see here:

My question for you all: Which do you prefer and why? The dragon back or the star back?

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone (here and on Facebook) for your feedback.
See below for the card back I will be using when I publish the Majors-only version of this deck soon.
(Note that this is a low-res version of it that I picked up from the website where I’m publishing the deck. The published version will be done in high-res)


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  1. Lenore Fauliso permalink

    I prefer the dragons. I get a military seall/ knights templar sorta vibe from the circle around the star.

  2. Pauline O'Shea permalink

    star indicate /echo the backs of the 2,0 to make the link with them,,,, even maybe the exact same back as the 2.00 but with the golden colouring of the above….

  3. I much prefer the action in the dragon background.

  4. Jean Chaney permalink

    Dragons! I think I like the black background; it seems more serious.

  5. larsenhughes permalink

    I also prefer the dragon background. Aside from the sheer artistic appeal, I think the dragons were noted in medieval France; referred to as “guivre”, They are noted in some French heraldry so, from a thematic standpoint, I think it suits. Reversals will not be impeded for those that use them. A nice alternative to the Fleur de lis.

  6. Mark permalink

    Neither, to bright, it’s not the star of the show. Something more muted. Let the other side be the star of the show but not this bright, not yellow on black.

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