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Tarot Coloring book

Tarot Coloring Book The Original Tarot Coloring Book is now available!
You can buy it directly from the publisher and it’s also available from

The book is in an 8 x 10 format.  It has several pages of preliminary comments as well as coloring suggestions prior to this first coloring page.  A short “Fool’s Journey” fable accompanies the images.

Words of praise for The Original Tarot Coloring Book:

*  “The Original Tarot Coloring Book is a great coloring book, either for your children or for your inner child.” – The Fool

*  “This book presents a wonderful way for Tarot seekers of  all ages and levels to explore the mysteries of the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards.” – The High Priestess

*  “This charming fable about the Fool’s Journey is a must read for any Tarot student.” – The Hierophant

*  “It’s just plain fun!” – The Sun

*  “It’s all that and more.” – The World

Seriously, though, here is a testimonial from a real person:

“I love this book. Coloring the card images has been a spiritual experience for me. It takes me into a meditative state – calmer and more focused. The remainder of my day, then, has a new tone in that I feel lighter and present in all I do. Thank you!” –
Joan Flynn

Here are a couple of sample pages from this book. They include the simple Fool’s Journey fable that accompanies the pictures:

Coloring book Magician and HP

And as if all of the above isn’t enough to convince you to get this book, read this article about how coloring books are therapeutic!  Or one titled “Psychologists Say Coloring Is The Best Alternative To Meditation“.





  1. caitlin permalink

    I’m soooo buying this!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Donna permalink

    Looks like a cool product why is the price not on page?

  3. Thanks, Donna. The price is on the Amazon and Createspace pages.

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