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Tarot Reading Explained

Tarot Reading Explained coverA few years ago Llewellyn let my book Tarot Tells the Tale go out of print.  (Note that Tarot Tells the Tale was awarded First Runner-up in the General Interest category for the 2004 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Awards.)  Rather than see this as a problem, however, I used it as an opportunity to re-issue the book in a revised edition. I re-titled the book, re-edited it, and created a new cover.  The new title is: Tarot Reading Explained and it is available on Amazon.

This book explains how to do a Tarot reading and it provides card meanings for all 78 cards.  What makes it truly unique, however, is the fact that it features twenty-two 3-card readings and one Celtic Cross reading for famous people and fictional characters. It also includes comments on each of the readings, including notes about problems I had doing them, things I feel they can teach us about doing readings, and items of interest about the subjects of the readings and about the readings themselves. Thus, it bridges the gap between the theory of doing Tarot readings, which many books explain, and the actual practice of doing them, which is only rarely illustrated in other Tarot books.

The following are a couple of commendations about this book:

“Tarot Tells the Tale” by James Ricklef is a unique contribution to the tarot field and one of the finest ways to learn to read the cards. It is also extremely well written — a joy to read. If you read this book, you can’t help but become a better tarot reader.” — Mary K. Greer (Author of many Tarot books including “Tarot for Your Self” and “The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals”)

“James Ricklef’s legendary KnightHawk readings are not just a delightful look at some of our favorite literary and historical characters through the prism of Tarot; they also show us how readings can really work. This is a Tarot book — a course in Tarot, actually — like no other.” — Rachel Pollack (Author of many Tarot books including “Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom” and “The New Tarot Handbook “)

(By the way, if you have already read Tarot Tells the Tale and would like to recommend it to others, please tell them about this revised edition instead.  Click here to see why I make this request.

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Here is this book’s Table of Contents:


Section 1:  Introduction

Section 2:  Preludes

Chapter 1:  Numerological and Elemental Associations
Chapter 2:  Court Cards
Chapter 3:  Finding Card Meanings
Chapter 4:  Reversed Cards
Chapter 5:  Rephrasing the Question
Chapter 6:  Three-Card Spreads
Chapter 7:  Pulling it All Together
Chapter 8:  Ethical Considerations

Section 3:  Three-card KnightHawk Readings

Chapter 0:  Beauty Hopes to Find Mercy in the Beast
Chapter 1:  Looking for Mr. Right
Chapter 2:  Woman Ponders Move to Paris
Chapter 3:  The Ultimate Lost Love
Chapter 4:  Wayward Son Longs for Forsaken Home
Chapter 5:  Teacher Ponders New Position
Chapter 6:  Man, Searching for Angel, Discovers Demon Instead
Chapter 7:  Prime Minister Faces Difficult Decision
Chapter 8:  The Girl Just Wants to Have Fun
Chapter 9:  Scientist Fears Return Home
Chapter 10:  Golden Touch: Blessing or Curse?
Chapter 11:  Writer of Declaration Ponders its Fate
Chapter 12:  Man Yearns for a Wonderful Life
Chapter 13:  A Perilous Flight to Freedom
Chapter 14:  Angels Tell Girl to Save France
Chapter 15:  Man Falls in Love with Statue
Chapter 16:  Young Prince Finds Revenge Beyond His Ability
Chapter 17:  Duckling Ridiculed by Peers
Chapter 18:  Lady Wonders How to Help Husband Become King
Chapter 19:  Woman Fears Physical Problem Will Affect Marriage Proposal
Chapter 20:  Woman Seeks Success in New Location, New Career
Chapter 21:  Man Suspicious of Brother

Section 4:  A Celtic Cross KnightHawk Tarot Reading

Chapter 1:  The Celtic Cross Spread
Chapter 2:  A Celtic Cross Reading
Chapter 3:  Comments on a Celtic Cross Reading

Section 5:  Closing Comments

Section 6:  Appendices

Appendix 1:  Comments on the Seventy-eight Tarot Cards
Appendix 2:  Card / Reading Cross Reference
Appendix 3:  References
Appendix 4:  Bibliography
Appendix 5:  Miscellaneous Tarot Resources

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KnightHawk's Tarot ReadingsI have one copy of my highly collectible OOP book, “KnightHawk’s Tarot Readings” for sale.  I’m selling this copy for $50, plus P/H ($5.99).

NOTE: I self-published this book in 2001 and there were only about 200 – 300 copies of it printed and sold before I revised it and sold it to Llewellyn, who published it as “Tarot Tells the Tale” (which I revised and self-published as “Tarot Reading Explained” in 2011). As you can imagine, this rare OOP book sells for quite a lot — I often see people selling used copies on Amazon for over $100.  The copy I have is unused, but it is signed by me to someone.

Contact me privately if you’re interested.





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