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Find Happiness with Tarot Cards

19 SUN at 67pct and 50pct ref Coloring BookThis page provides a list of Tarot cards, each linked to its “Tarot and Happiness” post. You can use this list any time you want to find ways to be happier, or you can use it to add a happiness dimension to your readings. Also, you might incorporate this list into a Tarot Journaling practice. Here’s how:

I’m sure many of you know what Tarot Journaling is, but in case you do not, it is a time-honored way to use the Tarot where you pull a card every morning to see what it suggests for the day. You write down the name of the card and what message it suggests for you that day. Then at the end of the day, you can come back to your journal to jot down any thoughts about how the day went in light of the card you drew.

If you want to create a Tarot Happiness Journal, the process is similar. Pull a card in the morning, come to this page and look up what activity that card suggests using the links here, and do what it says that day. Also, you can come back at the end of the day to jot down notes about your experiences with that happiness activity.

However you use them, I hope these Tarot and Happiness posts make your days a bit happier.

Major Arcana

0  The Fool 11 Justice
1  The Magician 12 Hanged Man
2  The High Priestess 13 Death
The Empress 14 Temperance
The Emperor 15 The Devil
The Hierophant 16 The Tower
The Lovers 17 The Star
The Chariot 18 The Moon
Strength 19 The Sun
The Hermit 20 Judgment
10 The Wheel of Fortune 21 The World

Minor Arcana

Coming soon.


Many of these suggestions from the cards about how to live a happier, more fulfilled life were inspired by my pithy Tarot meanings and others by material in my book, The Soul’s Journey. So if you like them, you might also like my books, The Soul’s Journey and Pithy Tarot.

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