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Soul’s Journey

The Soul's Journey Book CoverThroughout the centuries, Tarot readings have addressed our problems on the level of the material plane while generally bypassing the spiritual aspects of the questions at hand. The essential truth, however, is that every question has a spiritual foundation, as does every authentic answer.
To help you find the sacred dimensions of your Tarot readings, this book shows you how to bring an enlightened perspective into your readings through its exploration of the spiritual facets of all 78 cards and its presentation of spiritually-infused spreads. However, you do not have to know about, or even care about the Tarot to use the wealth of spiritual advice and inspiration in this book. You can read it as a collection of over 300 spiritual messages, which can stand alone as a guide along your soul’s journey.

My new book, titled The Soul’s Journey, collects, re-edits, and expands upon my more than 300 blog posts about Tarot and Spirituality.
It is now available Amazon as a paperback  and Kindle book.

Here are some reviews and articles about this book:

* Christiana Gaudet has posted a review of The Soul’s Journey on her website.  She also interviewed me in 2013 where we talked about this book among other things.

* If you would like to hear more about how and why I created this book, check out Mary Brown’s interview with me titled Bibliomancy with The Soul’s Journey Book!  This podcast also covers the topic of Bibliomancy, and we use my book for a few illustrative examples of Bibliomancy.

* You can watch a wonderful review of The Soul’s Journey on YouTube by Crossroads Cardslinger.

* Here are a couple of the many reviews on Amazon to give you an idea of what’s posted there:

* Inner Whispers uses my book for a series of card explorations.  See, for example, this look at the Ten of Swords., this one for the Two of Pentacles (Coins), and this one for the Queen of Pentacles (Coins). … And here are others from that blog:  Queen of Wands, Seven of Swords, Ace of Wands, and Three of Cups.






  1. Christi Curtin permalink

    The Soul’s Journey is an awesome book! I have been looking for a book like this for years. Many thousand thanks. I love your work.

  2. Crystal M Siegel permalink

    I recently bought a copy of “The Soul’s Journey.” I’ve been using it with my daily card for 3 days now. It has brought a completely new perspective to my attitude towards my life and a deeper understanding of the cards I’ve drawn that is spot on to my current circumstances. Thank you!!!

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