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About James

James Ricklef

I am a Tarot reader, lecturer, and writer.  I have been a frequent workshop presenter at the annual Los Angeles Tarot Symposium as well as a guest presenter at the New York Tarot Reader’s Studio and the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium.  I have written several Tarot books, including the award-winning Tarot Tells the Tale (re -released as Tarot Reading Explained) and the follow-up book, Tarot Spreads — Get the Whole Story.  I have also created a Tarot deck: Tarot of the Masters deck.

For more about my work, see the “Products” tab and the “Services” tab at the top of this page.  You can also read my Tarot Ethics and my Tarot Philosophy.  There are some testimonials here too!

To contact me about getting a reading (in person, email, or by phone or skype), see the “Contact” tab at the top of the page.

You can also find me on Facebook — James Ricklef’s Tarot and Pithy Tarot.  Follow me on Twitter: @AskKnightHawk

  1. lorri permalink

    dear james
    i just saw you on facebook. i realize you created the major
    arcana tarot cards. i just wanted to tell you i have 2
    decks. i have 1 deck that is 22years old.i really love
    the way you designed them.i love the high priestess.
    always have and always will. i don’t consider myself
    the best i know some things with the cards. i have a hard time organizing my info. i keep trying,that’s all
    i can do.thank you.lorri

    • Thanks Lorri
      I hope you enjoy this blog

      • lorri permalink

        dear james
        i haven’t been on your website recently! thank you
        for responding to my email! i find you to be a really
        fascinating psychic! like i told you in my last email
        i don’t consider myself psychic! i have been told by
        very experienced psychic mediums i am wrong!
        i have alway’s loved the tarot cards! you are
        really dedicated to your profession! i find your card
        illustrations designs and colors beautiful! you really
        do explain what each card means! i just wanted you to know
        again !
        thank you!

  2. Jennifer Johnson permalink

    Your insights into tarot are Genius, so original and from your soul. I love your “Contra-positive cards”

    Thank you for being so giving and sharing your true love of the Tarot.

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