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Tarot Articles

First, here three articles about Tarot conferences:

Tarot Convention reports

BATS 2015 Convention report

An Interview with Thalassa


And here are sundry other articles:

Confessions of a Tarot-holic: Using Multiple Decks to Gain Understanding of a Card

Find Happiness with Tarot Cards

How to do a Visualization with the High Priestess card

How to do Tarot readings for friends

How to Rephrase the Question for a Tarot Reading

How to Practice Reading Tarot cards

How to use Tarot cards in novel ways

Tarot Games

Tarot Reviews

Tarot Humor: Today I Will Nurture My Inner Demons

When Good Cards Go Bad





  1. Correne LaRosee permalink

    Do you explain combinations with Tarot which turn into a story? As I have found researching that way can change somewhat the meaning of the cards. There seems to be so many ways of reading the cards!

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