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Pithy Tarot Book

Pithy Tarot cover

I have created a book version of my pithy Tarot meanings. The word “pithy” means capturing the essence of something in a way that is concise, succinct, and to the point. Similarly, the pithy Tarot card meanings in this book are brief, easy to remember interpretations for the cards (much like “keywords”) that can stimulate further insights when you think about them.

There are about a thousand pithy meanings in this book. They range from being fun and amusing to profound and inspirational. Some are famous quotes or aphorisms, and others are philosophical truths; some give advice, and others warnings; some are spiritual insights, and others seem more like what we traditionally call “fortunes.” In any case, these pithy Tarot meanings will help you both in your discovery of the Tarot and in your experience of life.

You can get the fun and informative “Pithy Tarot” eBook on Amazon.
(Note that it is also available on Amazon in the UK, CA, AU, etc.)

Announcement (December 31, 2016):
And now the paperback version of Pithy Tarot is available on Amazon as well.


Here is a brief sampling of testimonials about my Pithy Tarot book:

  • “This book gives people ways to relate to the cards that no other book does.” — Prudence J.M. Theriault, Certified Tarot Master
  • “A nice gateway into putting the cards to use in our lives.” — Bonnie Cehovet
  • “… a refreshing approach that allows the reader to relax into reading about the Tarot.” — Tarot Dactyl.







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    I’m new to this I want learn

  2. Thank you, james

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