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Tarot Spreads book

Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole StoryThe revised edition of my Tarot Spreads book is now available on Amazon.  This book was previously published by Llewellyn and called Tarot — Get the Whole Story.  I have re-titled it:

Tarot Spreads — Get the Whole Story:
.   Discover and create Tarot spreads for all occasions

If you’re a big fan of Tarot spreads (and I know you are!), you’ll want to see my many blog posts in the category of spreads.  Also, I would like to mention that I use this book in my master class titled “Millions of Tarot Spreads” on the Global Spiritual Studies website.

By the way, if you have read the original version of this book, Tarot: Get the Whole Story, and would like to recommend it to others, please tell them about this revised edition instead. See why I request this here!

See below for more detailed information about this book.


Tarot Spreads — Get the Whole Story shows you how to create your own spreads.  It also presents a variety of spreads (suitable for many purposes), which it illustrates with entertaining and informative sample readings.

While there are other Tarot books on the market that present various spreads, this one explains spreads in much greater detail.  Its most distinctive feature is the fact that for each of its spreads, it provides a sample reading for a well-known fictional, mythical, or historical figure.  These readings clearly illustrate the use of the spreads, and they also make this book a joy to read.  In addition, they have a peripheral benefit in that they will help you hone your Tarot skills by seeing examples of actual readings.

Sandra A. Thomson, a former President of the American Tarot Association and author of many Tarot books, including Pictures from the Heart and Spiritual Tarot has this to say about Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole Story:  

“By combining card-reading techniques with spread development ideas, Ricklef has created a book that can serve Tarotists for a long time to come.  In sharing his thinking about how and why he created his spreads, this book provides guidance and inspiration for inexperienced and experienced readers alike.”

Donald Michael Kraig, author of Tarot & Magic and many other books on Magick, including the best selling Modern Magick says this about TS:GTWS:

“This book is an ideal resource for any reader looking to create and modify new Tarot spreads. The in-depth interpretations for real and fictional personalities clearly shows how the cards and their positions in spreads interrelate, making this perfect for anyone seeking to expand their ability to understand and use the Tarot cards.”

Robert M. Place, creator of The Alchemical Tarot and author of The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination says this about TS:GTWS:

“James Ricklef has written this book in a style that is clear and instructive. His Tarot spreads are practical and useful. And they work. I know, because I tried some of them. His technique of doing readings for characters from history and fiction for his sample readings allows his insights to be accessible to readers at any level of experience.”

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot recommends TS:GTWS with these words:

“A spread is the skeleton of a tarot reading, giving it structure. The skill of casting spreads is an integral part of anyone’s tarot studies, and no book will help you master this technique better than James Ricklef’s Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole Story. A fantastic book and enjoyable read. I highly recommend it.”

Here is the table of contents for this book:

Section 1:  Introduction

Section 2:  How to Create Spreads

Chapter 1:  Problem Solving
Chapter 2:  Inspiration From a Shape
Chapter 3:  Dealing Cards for Questions
Chapter 4:  Modification of an Existing Spread
Chapter 5:  Inspiration From Another Source or System

Section 3:  Spreads and Readings

Chapter 1:  Three-Card Spread — The Decision Spread
Chapter 2:  The Yin/Yang Spread — A Two-Card Spread
Chapter 3:  The Magical Triangle Spread — A Four-Card Spread
Chapter 4:  The Sorrow’s Alchemy Spread — A Four-Card Spread
Chapter 5:  The Alchemical Pentagram Spread — A Five-Card Spread
Chapter 6:  The Extended Temporal Spread — A Five-Card Spread
Chapter 7:  Relationship Transformation Spreads — Two Five-Card Spreads
Chapter 8:  The Lovers Card Spread — A Nine-Card Spread
Chapter 9:  The Modified Celtic Cross Relationship Spread — A Six-Card Spread
Chapter 10:  The New Year’s Resolution Spread — A Six-Card Spread
Chapter 11:  The Personal Transformation Spread — A Six-Card Spread
Chapter 12:  The Expanded Choice Spread — An Eight-Card Spread
Chapter 13:  The Failure’s Alchemy Spread — A Nine-Card Spread
Chapter 14:  The Tree of Life Spread — A Ten-Card Spread
Chapter 15:  The Variable Timing Spread

Section 4:  Bibliography and Recommended Reading












  1. Judy Best permalink

    I have several of your books and love them. Particularily Tarot Tells the Tale. Actually bought a second after i wrote notes all thru the first. I highly recommend them.

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