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Contact me with questions and subjects you’d like me to talk about here on this blog, or for information about how to get a reading. I’m also available for interviews.

Note: Although I make it clear on this website that I am not a “fortune-teller” (see, for example, a post called “A Fortune Helper, not a Fortune Teller” as well as my Tarot Philosophy page) I still get Christian fundamentalists abusing my contact form here by sending me tirades that they have cherry-picked from the Bible in order to condemn fortune-telling. There’s just so much wrong with them doing that, it’s hard to know where to start. If you are one of those people, just stop now before you send me your abusive message. You’re only making yourself look foolish and childish, and you do not have permission to use this contact form.  (I regret that I have to post this note here, but it has become necessary due to the number of abusive Christian fundamentalists visiting my blog.)

Use this contact form:




Or you can email me directly: knighthawk111 AT hotmail DOT com

  1. James – got your FB message. Have added your blog details to the @TABItarot blog list.

    Might you be interested in submitting a guest blog for TABI at some point? Bonnie has been superb and is helping me procure entries from some of the very best in our field… what do you say?!

    Ali xx

  2. Sure thing, Alison.
    Contact me (see the link above) with details

  3. James, there’s one topic I’d be interested on seeing you discuss one day. In your book “Tarot Tells the Tale” (my favorite tarot book, by the way), you discuss the ethics of a tarot reading. We all know this is a thorny subject, but there’s one point of your ethics I find brilliant and also follow it: “I will not do a reading to see what someone other my my client is doing or feeling.”

    I don’t do third-party readings, but I find that many people think “less” of me as a reader because of that. I’m no professional yet, but when people ask me for a reading and I tell them that I will not read regarding another person’s feelings or actions, they either suddenly seem less interested in the reading, or don’t seem to take me so serious anymore…

    In my country tarot readers are expected to do this kind of thing – to allow their sitters to “peep” into another’s life. I wish to know what you think of this, and how you think we can let our readers know our ethic code without make them think that we are doing that because we lack the ability. It’s not that I can’t read for third parties – I don’t want to and I don’t like to.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Marina,
      Thanks for the question. That should make for an interesting topic of conversation. I’ll get to that sometime soon, thanks!

  4. mar permalink

    I love that you have a website and a place where we can contact you!
    I was recently asked to do a reading on a person who committed suicide and I was wondering what your thoughts are on the whole subject of readings for deceased persons. I realize that when people are grieving, they are searching for answers and I have mixed feelings about this area of reading. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  5. Hi James

    I have a question for you. What are your thoughts on using multiple decks for a reading? I have recently been reading with a Tarot deck and an oracle deck simultaneously (two cards per spread position) to try get some extra clarity on the reading.


    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for this question.
      What you’re doing is an interesting idea … sort of like getting a second opinion on all the positions. 😀
      I’ve never done exactly this, but I know of, and have tried, some techniques that are somewhat similar, and maybe I’ll blog about them sometime.

  6. James, with reference to your post about finding closure after death, I created a spread some few years ago to try to help with exactly that issue:

  7. Hi James

    What to do when the cards seem to make NO sense (to reader or seeker)? Start over? Wait a while? Give up and leave it alone? Might make a blog story for you.


    • Hi Helen,
      Good question. You’re right, sounds like a good blog post, which I would like to get around to soon.
      Amusing story about this: I call it drawing a blank, and once when I started to talk about what to do when you draw a blank during a Tarot class I was teaching, one of my students looked through her cards quickly and then said, “My deck doesn’t have a blank card.”

  8. Hi James,
    When I looked at the four of cups I sensed that there is something or someone in your life thatyou are passionate about but it is not coming into fuition. You have taken the sit back and wait approach but I feel you need to get out there and apply yourself to the task.

  9. HI James,
    Just me again begging your forgivness for my dreadful spelling in my previous message. I am not thinking very clearly as I am sick with bronchitis and having a problem breathing let alone concentrating I meant to write fruition and of course there should be a space between that and you.
    Do you have any suggestions that I can use for how to brush up on my Tarot reading skills? I learnt to read about six years ago but haven’t done anything with it. My son has an online Tarot Store in Brisbane called ‘Tarotopia’ and he has started to ask about me doing readings on line for him but I don’t have the confidence at this point in time to do this. Of course I could just be worrying about it too much as that is my personality. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    • Hi Eunice —
      Thanks for your comments about the 4/Cups. (Don’t worry about the spelling. I’m pretty good at deciphering spelling errors. 😀 )
      As for learning to read the cards better, I (immodestly) recommend my books “Tarot Tells the Tale” and “Tarot: Get the Whole Story.” For more info on them, see the “My Books and Decks” tab at the top of this page. I also (and again, immodestly) suggest you continue reading this blog. 😀 Of course, there’s also the truism that “practice makes perfect”. For suggestions about that, there is a helpful article on my website. See:

  10. Brian Thompson permalink

    I love how you’ve recolored the RWS deck. Will that deck be available for purchase at some point?

    • Thanks Brian. At this point, it’s just something I’m experimenting with. Perhaps someday, but no plans right now, sorry.
      If that changes, of course, I’ll announce it here! 😀

  11. Tintin permalink

    Hello James. I’d like to tell you I’ve been a fan ever since I read Tarot Tells the Tale nearly 3 years ago. Your Ask Knighthawk readings are very insightful and helpful to a tarot newbie like me. Plus, they are very entertaining. I would read them even if I wasn’t dabbling in Tarot myself! I also have Tarot: Get the Whole Story because I just had to read more of Knighthawk 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  12. Rich Tyson permalink

    Hi James,

    My mother recently passed away and she left me with her old decks. Many of them are original signed decks including the Sacred Rosé Deck. I have done a lot of research on most of them, but this one has me stumped on a value? It’s signed 963/1000. Do you have any idea what this deck is worth today?


    Rich Tyson

  13. James,
    I would like to purchase a copy of your beautiful deck.

    • Thank you for your interest in my Tarot of the Masters deck. I sent you an email reply. (If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.)

  14. Kritsada permalink

    Dear James,

    I would like to buy your Tarot of Masters deck.

    • Thank you for your interest in my Tarot of the Masters deck. I sent you an email reply. (If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.)

  15. David permalink

    James, I am such a fan of yours and I appreciate your dedication to posting a Pithy Meaning everyday. Props to you! Here’s my question. I started working for online site as a Tarot Consultant doing private video readings. I’ve always worked with my Clients Face to Face this form is a whole different Ball of Wall. Can you suggest any sites or books that address the topic of how to be a successful online/phone Reader, perhaps you have addressed this topic online or in print,
    – Dave

    • Hi Dave,
      Thank you for the kind words about my blog.
      As for your question, I don’t really have any pearls of wisdom offhand to share about this. However, I might recommend a book called “Secrets of a Telephone Psychic” by Frederick Woodruff, which is a rather humorous look at its topic. I think it’s out of print, but you can probably find used copies on Amazon.

  16. David permalink

    Thanks James for your prompt reply,Is there a link I can follow to purchase a copy of the deck you have created?

    Be Blessed,

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